About Jean

I grew up on a farm in South Dakota and ended up in the San Francisco Bay Area – the best of both worlds. Shortly after moving here I took a class from quilting legend, Lucy Hilty. She not only taught excellent skills but she lit a fire within me that will never go out. I remember thinking during that six week class that I had found something very special. My mother, Florence Renli, was an exceptional seamstress and quilter. While she didn’t teach me to quilt she instilled in me a passion for excellence.

What moves me? A beautiful curve. An unusual perspective. The color of sunlight peaking under the rain clouds. Those are ordinary things, but being aware of that minutia fills me and makes me want to create.

Some of my recent work takes a small slice of life and draws the viewer into that moment. In other pieces you will see my interest in the unexpected view.

Jean Renli Jurgenson

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