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Aileyn created Escape to Freedom, depicting the harrowing events in the life of a family escaping Lithuania during World War 2.  The story, attached to the back of the quilt, is written by the woman who experienced the ordeal as a child.

Escape to Freedom

Aileyn’s piece, The Grasslands are Winning, has finally come home after three years.

Jean created her first 3-D wallhanging, deYoung – Light and Shadow. It is an image of one aspect of the deYoung Museum in San Francisco. The tower to the right looks 3-D but is flat against the wall. The left corner extends 7 inches from the wall. It was both challenging and satisfying to make.

deYoung – Light and Shadow


Jean made a piece remembering a childhood “playground.” It is a bridge near her family’s farm in eastern South Dakota. She chose to create an abstract image, reducing the image to three values plus white and a pop of red.

Country Bridge


Strength and Love



Jean just completed a wallhanging honoring her daughter-in-law’s strength and commitment to her family. It is hand appliqued, silk on silk.








An interesting observation : A LOT OF GRAY ON THIS PAGE! But we have some color in the works. Stay tuned.


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