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            We hope 2018 is a year of creativity and joy.

The Grasslands Are Winning

The Grasslands Are Winning



Aileyn’s piece, The Grasslands are Winning, is on the move. As part of SAQA’s Concrete and Grasslands exhibit, it was shown last September in Shanghai. Then it was in Birmingham, UK and later this fall it will be in London, Harrogate UK, and Dublin, Ireland. It will come home after a final showing at the Grants Pass Art Museum  next summer.



Last year Aileyn worked on a new technique using Tsukineko inks like watercolor paint. The results were stunning. Geranium Fantasy was the result and it was accepted into a show in LaConnor Washington this fall.

Geranium Fantasy

Jean helped a friend make a quilt for her daughter for college graduation. She made a quilt for another friend from blocks started by her friend’s mother, a lovely keepsake for her. And she make a t-shirt quilt for a fundraiser at her grandchildren’s school; all this last winter and spring. Since then she retired from 50+ years of dental hygiene and has taken several trips. So now she is ready to jump back into her art quilts – full time! She just completed a piece remembering a childhood “playground.” She chose to create an abstract image, reducing the image to three values plus white and a pop of clear color.

Country Bridge


SAQA’s annual Benefit Auction is here again. This year  434 12 x 12 inch quilts were donated by members. The online reverse auction goes until October 7th. Please go to SAQA.com/auction to see some really stunning art. Who knows! You may find a piece that you want to buy! Instructions to buy are on the auction website. Below are the pieces Jean and Aileyn donated this year.

12 x 12 . . . 2018 SAQA Auction

Acorn Woodpecker

Aging Beautifully

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